Today, social media plays a significant role in online marketing. However, we need to take into account that we’ve reached the point. where too much information and chaotic campaigns conduct without any strategy. Think about the future and take advantage of tools such as SMO. If you want to use SMO, learn its basics and understand how to implement it in your business.

What is SMO?

Social media optimization is a digital marketing department. functions to refine a website to ensure effective social media activity and optimize social media. So that it attracts website traffic. It aims at making sure that a site is visible in the internal search results of social media. It’s frequently mentioned that linking (from and to social media) is as simple as possible.

SMO is like SMM (social media marketing). However, it puts emphasis on combining individual activities. Ensuring their effective synergy, not on separate campaigns or branding strategies.

How to optimize your social media?

First of all, start with informing your team. That these activities aren’t solely about technical aspects but also about long-term, complex processes. It comprises many marketing areas. SMO has to be based on expertise that integrates social media and on-site activities.

Why do I need SMO?

Proper social media visibility has a positive impact on brand image. Therefore, social media optimization isn’t solely about generating traffic. Moreover, SM highly affects the usability of the site, thus, it supports UX. The necessity of optimizing websites for mobile devices has a direct impact on SEO.

Tips from the very beginning of SMO and updated principles

Improve linkability. 

When it comes to this component of the Social strategy. It’s crucial to ensure that the page isn’t static and rarely updated. To optimize it for social media, a website owner has to provide users with content they want to share. Nowadays, blogging and icons to share entries on social media are ideal recipes to meet this objective. Now, shareability is more important than linkability.

Improve saving as bookmarks –

Back in the days when bookmarking sites were enjoying huge popularity, this point mattered. Today it may be a button that allows you to save a Pinterest or GetPocket article. However, in a broader sense, it’s also about changing the strategy. Create content (e.g. guides, lists, rankings). That will appeal to users so that they decide to save it for later or share it with others.

Reward users for linking to your site. 

This technique may associate with times when self-hosted sites were still in their infancy. Page owners recommended each other to improve link exchange. Today, this approach is easily replaced with appropriate social media moderation. It constantly encouraged user interaction.

Let your content go viral. 

SMO doesn’t focus solely on implementing changes within the site. It’s also about presenting content in such a way that makes it easy to share it. Also translates into an increased number of backlinks from various sources. -> This point is still relevant, however, the strategy has changed. The extensive PDF files proposed by the author should be replaced with appealing infographics (charts, easy-to-read percentages, etc.). On the other hand, PDFs, ebooks, and other free pieces of content are more effective than email marketing.

The decrease in social media marketing costs

Today, any budget that contemplates a company’s marketing and advertising efforts. Have a separate section for use on social media. The ad platforms offered by channels such as Facebook and Instagram, although paid. Make it possible to launch efficient campaigns.

This efficiency is only possible based on studies related to consumer behaviour, demographic characteristics, and interests. That happens because the ads work with a targeting tool. This makes it easier to target an extremely specific audience. 

So, whether organic access. The fact is that applying SMO techniques increases the chances of someone being interested in the content offered by the page. So, the return on investment becomes greater. which decreases the total cost of marketing aimed at social media. 

Optimization of the integration between social media and other channels

If you have experience with applying Content Marketing strategies. It is essential to diversify the channels in which you publish content. You also know there is no point in having a plurality of channels if they are not integrated coherently. 

This ranges from the posted content to decisions related to the page design. After all, both the message conveyed by the brand and its visual identity are fundamental elements. To enable quality branding. Therefore, it is necessary to be cohesive in all channels used.

SMO techniques

What are the main Social Media Optimization techniques?

Find the optimal posting frequency

It’s no secret that knowing the right frequency of posting to your social media profiles is essential to an effective strategy. Posting too much can tire your persona, while a low volume of posts can make you be forgotten.

Of course, there is no magic formula for finding the perfect balance between too many or too few posts. Therefore, there is only one solution: perform tests and more tests.

Find the best time to post

In addition to calculating the optimal posting frequency. you must try to find the best days and times to post on each social media channel. You can follow a strategy similar to the one you used to identify the posts’ ideal regularity.

Strategically reuse content

Doing Social Media Optimization also means being smart with your content on social media. The concept of content showed us that creating great material. Publish on your channels is an increasingly challenging task. 

That happens because only with really sensational content. we’ll have the same return that we would have with good content a few years ago.

Create shareable content

Getting your content shared is essential to increase the post’s reach. Therefore, the creation of viral content is a strategy often adopted by companies in their digital approaches.

That said, take care to not signal to the audience that you are looking for going viral. At the slightest sign of this intention. The public may have a negative reaction and end up distancing themselves from your brand. Therefore, always focus on meeting the audience’s needs and desires.

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